EPL Week 10 Review : How it Went Down on Match Day 10

The Premier League 10th round of fixtures went down thus : Sunderland 1 4 Arsenal Man Utd 0 0 Burnley Middlesbrough 2 0 Bournemouth Tottenham 1 1 Leicester Watford 1 0 Hull West Brom 0 4 Man City Crystal Palace 2 4 Liverpool Everton 2 0 West [ ] The post EPL Week 10 Review : How it Went Down on Match Day 10 appeared first on I Geek Soccer.


Belittle Chelsea’s title credentials at your own peril

When storied Manchester United legend and former manager Sir Alex Ferguson, was asked days ago his thoughts on the prospective title winners for the season, he replied, I think there are 5 potential candidates: Manchester City as favourites, Tottenham and Liverpool, but also Manchester United are still there if we get some consistency soon. He [ ] The post Belittle Chelsea s title credentials at your own peril appeared first on I Geek Soccer.

Can Manchester United make top 4?

Only the most optimistic Red Devils faithful will give you an assuring and emphatic yes to that question, and that reply might just be tongue-in-the-cheek-esque. Perhaps, there is a fan still hopeful of the team s title ambitions, waking up will be the best bet for such fantasy-minded fella to do. A title win is very [ ] The post Can Manchester United make top 4? appeared first on I Geek Soccer.

EPL Match Day 10 Preview: fixtures, predictions, etc

It s getting hotter in the English Premier League, and the boys are beginning to get separated from the men. Matchday 10 kicks off on Saturday and ends on Monday night. Here are all 10 fixtures to enjoy over the weekend. Saturday Sunderland v Arsenal Man Utd v Burnley Middlesbrough v Bournemouth Tottenham v Leicester Watford [ ] The post EPL Match Day 10 Preview: fixtures, predictions, etc appeared first on I Geek Soccer.

EPL coaches who could get sacked before December

There are 2 months left to the end of the first half of the season, and only roughly about 3 months since the 2016-17 season EPL began. Given the job instability managers in the top flight get to experience, it s not surprising that a sack has already occurred. Swansea parted ways with Italian manager Francesco [ ] The post EPL coaches who could get sacked before December appeared first on I Geek Soccer.

6 games, 0 win; what is happening to Pep Guardiola?

Following Manchester City s defeat in the round of 16 of the EFL Cup at the hands of Manchester United on Wednesday night, the result sets an ugly record for Pep Guardiola. For the first in his illustrious coaching career, the Catalan has gone 6 fixtures without a win, and it s not the best of signs. [ ] The post 6 games, 0 win; what is happening to Pep Guardiola? appeared first on I Geek Soccer.

Ballon d’Or 2016 nominees and World XI Predictions

Following the end of the long-term partnership between the France-based Ballon d Or and Fifa World Best Player awards, both would henceforth host separately like they used to before 2010. The former however has an upper advantage, though. The brand perhaps being a major factor. Credibility and other factors will be tested as time goes on. [ ] The post Ballon d Or 2016 nominees and World XI Predictions appeared first on I Geek Soccer.